Perfect Temperature, pure water and pollution-free natural environment make Hainan the best location...
Golden Pompano

The farming, processing and exporting of golden pompano are under excellent natural and artificial,...

Wild Sea Fish
Thanks to the abundant fish recourses blessed by the broad seas and excellent water quality of...
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HAINAN ETERNAL SPRING FISHERIES CO.,LTD. is located in Hainan Island, a pearl in the South China Sea, where there are pristine tropical environment and rich freshwater resources. Currently, there are four subsidiaries under Xiangtai Fishery, Hainan Eternal Spring Fisheries Co., Ltd., Hainan Eternal Spring Feed Co., Ltd., Hainan Dongfang Xiangtai Farming Co., Ltd., Hainan Danzhou Xiangtai Farming Co., Ltd. HAINAN ETERNAL SPRING FISHERIES CO.,LTD is within 30 minutes drive from both Meilan International Airport and Haikou Port. is within 30 minutes drive from both Meilan International Airport and Haikou Port. Our processing plants have spacious workshops, advanced production and freezing equipments and precision laboratory instruments (including HPLC and LC-MS-MS), which are all operated by professional management team and skillful workers.
Xiangtai and its subsidiaries are dedicated in the ecological aquaculture, deep processing, logistics and sales of aquatic products, guaranteeing the full and effective traceability from pond to plate. Our plants are HACCP, BRC, BAP, Koser, ISO certified and FDA and EU approved, making sure our products meet the food safety standards of different countries in the world. It's our goal to keep satisfying the hygiene requirements of all importing countries.
Our Products are well received all over the world. ETERNAL SPRING FISHERIES would like to cooperate with you and provide you with safe and wholesome products.

Farming Base
High quality raw material is critical for producing quality products. The raw materials E&X purchases are all strictly screened. Apart from the large professional farms we own, we have also signed farming and supply contracts with a couple of large farms in Hainan. All raw materials are from CIQ registered farms to guarantee the ... The plant currently has 12 tilapia production lines and several raw, cooked shrimp production lines and sea fish production lines. The plant is equipped with advanced aquatic product processing equipments such as double-spiral IQF freezers, mesh belt IQF freezers, water boiling machines, sorters, steam supply systems, electrolyzed water ...
Advantage resources
# Excellent climax resource: Hainan Island boasts of comfortable climax around the year. The annual average temperature is 22-25.5≧. The warm and comfortable climax offers fish and shrimp an excellent living and go-through-the-winter environment.
# Pristine ecological environment: mother nature offers Hainan Island fresh air, pure and clean water, high green percentage, complete conservation of primary forest. The pristine and pollution-free environment makes Hainan's environment quality rank No.1 in the whole country.
# Abundant ocean fishery resources: as the only big tropical coastal province in china, Hainan Island has a large sea area of over 300,000 square meters where lives over 40 species of commercial fish, taking up 26.7% of 150 species of the whole country.
# Excellent freshwater resources: the five big water bodies as Nandu River, Changhua River, Wanquan River, Ningyuan River, Lingshui River provide sufficient freshwater resources. Water quality of most waters reaches the National Fishery Water Standard Level 2. Outstanding water quality enables freshwater farming spread all over the province.